Capture-The-Flag Competitions

We host hands-on capture-the-flag (CTF) competitions encompassing a wide range of cybersecurity topics designed to teach new skills and build collaboration among individuals and teams. A CTF is a competition in which participants work in teams to solve a variety of cybersecurity challenges. We have hosted CTFs targeting participants ranging from secondary schoolers to industry professionals. For each CTF, we consider the intended audience and create problems suitable for their experience level. Our recent engagements include RVASec and the Wild West Hackin’ Fest. For more information, email

Ideal for: Schools, Companies, and Conferences

Private Training Workshops

We coordinate with your organization to design, build, and run interactive trainings on a variety of security topics. We can run security workshops for your employees, internal CTF competitions, or team building events! These trainings are customized to your company’s needs and purposes, whether you need training for pentesters or a workshop educating your employees on best security practices. For more information, email

Ideal for: Companies and Government Organizations



Online Courses (Coming Soon!)

We are developing cybersecurity curriculum and courseware that makes security skills and concepts more attainable through hands-on, real-world content and simulations. More information coming soon!