What is MetaCTF?

MetaCTF aims to create a Capture the Flag competition that challenges and encourages students to learn new techniques and concepts in different Computer Science and Cybersecurity areas such as cryptography, web exploitation, reverse engineering, and programming in a safe, dedicated environment. Our goal is to spark students' interest in cybersecurity through hands on experiences that involve solving problems at different levels of difficulty involving these topics. MetaCTF challenges students to think outside the box and apply their logical skills, thus inspiring them to further pursue a career in the cybersecurity field.

The Team

Roman Bohuk

Chief Pyrotechnician

Jake Smith

Chief Social Engineer

Marina Sanusi

Chief Merge Conflict Master

Mariah Kenny

Chief Incident Responder


Thanks to our Contributors and Volunteers

The RVAsec 2018 Team: Mark Shaneck, Mike Bailey, Nick Popovich

Mentors and Supporters: Lynne Norris, Mike Vizdos, Rob Fuller, Vernon McCandlish

Our Past Sponsors: General Electric, Assura, mindsensors.com, Math Science Innovation Center, Vizdos Enterprises

Our Past Volunteers: Emil Baggs, Christopher Hallock-Solomon, Mark Farag, Kenton Vizdos, Jessica Lu, Dorcas Lin, Sam Taylor, Akhil Bharani, Quintin DeGroot