CTF Events

We host hands-on capture-the-flag competitions encompassing a wide range of cybersecurity topics designed to teach new skills and build collaboration among individuals and teams.

Private Training Workshops

We coordinate with your organization to design, build, and run personalized, interactive trainings on a variety of security topics.

Classroom Labs

We work with educators to design and run on-demand or semester-long CTFs for students.


MetaCTF was started by a group of students from the University of Virginia who wanted to make cybersecurity more accessible. We seek to spark interest in the cybersecurity field by hosting hands-on trainings and interactive competitions that challenge and encourage individuals of all ages to explore new security techniques and concepts in a safe, open environment.

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Featured Upcoming Events

University of Virginia

MetaCTF 2019


We'll be hosting our annual MetaCTF Event at the University of Virginia in the fall. This event is open to high school and college students in the Mid-Atlantic region. More details coming soon!

Wild West Hackin Fest

Wild West Hackin' Fest

October 23-25, 2019

Join us in Deadwood, SD for the Wild West Hackin' Fest. Prepare to mine for some flags, and brace yourselves for some even worse puns once the conference theme for this year is released!

Past MetaCTF Events & Collaborations