The next MetaCTF event will take place on April 14th at Deep Run High School in Glen Allen, VA.

MetaCTF@DRHS 2018 starts in:

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MetaCTF is a Cyber Capture the Flag competition for high school and middle school students. It includes a series of challenges that will require participants to apply different cybersecurity concepts as well as computer and logical skills. Even though some prior knowledge might help, it is not necessary, as the contest is aimed at teaching these skills. Students will have an opportunity to interact with and learn from professionals.



Contact us if you wish to have MetaCTF at your location or event.


  • October, 2018 Annual MetaCTF Event
    University of Virginia
  • June, 2018 RVASec 2018
    Virginia Commonwealth University
  • November, 2017 MetaCTF Event
    Longwood University
  • October, 2017 Cyber Week Event
    Deep Run High School
  • August, 2017 JSTI 2017
    Joint Science and Technology Institute
  • July, 2017 Digital Detectives MSiC Summer Class
    JTCC Chester & MSiC
  • July, 2017 MetaCTF Event (GE Girls @ ND)
    University of Notre Dame
  • June, 2017 Cyber Security Summer Camp
    Liberty University
  • June, 2017 RVASec 2017
    Virginia Commonwealth University
  • May, 2017 MetaCTF Event
    GE Digital
  • February, 2017 MetaCTF 2017
    Deep Run High School
  • October, 2016 MetaCTF Event
    Longwood University
  • July, 2016 Digital Detectives MSiC Summer Class
    John Tyler Community College (Chester)
  • February, 2016 MetaCTF 2016
    Deep Run High School
  • January, 2016 ShmooCon Epilogue 2016
    Center for Innovative Technology
  • April, 2015 MetaCTF 2015
    Deep Run High School