Capture-the-flag (CTF) Events

We host hands-on capture-the-flag (CTF) events designed to teach new skills and build collaboration among individuals and teams.

Recruiting Events

We collaborate with companies to run company-branded tournaments at universities and conferences

Cybersecurity Talent Sourcing

We provide a candidate pool of cybersecurity talent for companies looking to strengthen their cybersecurity workforce.


Our goal is to make cybersecurity education accessible and fun. We create hands-on, interactive, and educational capture-the-flag (CTF) events that make it easy to learn new cybersecurity skills by breaking down complex cybersecurity concepts into engaging challenges that simulate real world scenarios. Since 2014, we have held over 50 events and trainings globally for clients such as Wild West Hackin’ Fest, RVASec, and Terminix.

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Join industry leaders in hosting a CTF for your organization.