Competition-Based Training

Upskill and engage your team with hands-on gamified training.

Jeopardy-Style CTF Competitions

Custom competition-based training for teams at a variety of difficulty and skill levels.

Attack & Defense CTF Competitions

Secure coding competition used to explore source code analysis, vulnerability identification, and system defense in a dynamic team-based environment.


Provide your teams with a gamified cybersecurity training experience.

Web-Based Accessibility

Enjoy the convenience of our Capture The Flag (CTF) platform and content accessible through any browser.

User-Friendly Onboarding

Effortlessly register and join competitions through self-signup links or streamline the process with MetaCTF’s CSV file registration option.

Customizable Content

Explore a collection of 500+ challenges developed by MetaCTF experts that are categorized by skill level and security domain.

Live Virtual Machines

Access live Windows or Linux virtual machines for select challenges, eliminating the need for local downloads.

Configurable Platform

Host your CTF competitions with flexibility on MetaCTF’s platform, hosted securely on AWS.

Live & Engaged Support

Includes live support, introduction and debrief sessions, and live office hours available for engagements longer than 24 hours.

Features for Managers/Administrators:

Flexible Setup Options

Tailor competitions to your preferences, choosing between individual or team-based formats.

Customizable Dashboards

Craft competition dashboards with essential information, including rules, timer, FAQs, prizes, and more.

Scoreboard Control

Display or hide scoreboards, intensifying competition suspense until the end.

Scheduled Challenge Releases

Increase engagement by scheduling when challenges are released.

Virtual Machines with Tools

Provide participants with downloadable security tools within virtual machines, avoiding local machine installations.

Features for Competition Participants:

Inclusive for All Levels

Suitable for participants at varying skill levels.

Point System

Earn points based on challenge difficulty, with options for dynamic points influenced by other teams’ progress.

Customizable Scoreboards

Break down scoreboards by skill level, functional group, department, geography, or other determinants.

Cascading Hint System

Navigate challenges seamlessly with a cascading hint system, unlocking hints for free or at a point cost.

Built-In CTF Tools

Utilize integrated tools like Cyber Chef for a seamless experience.

Features for Competition Participants:

Attack & Defense CTF Competitions

A cybersecurity challenge that offers a traditional and immersive experience on our dedicated platform.

Attack and Defend Dashboard


Find out answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our competition-based training.

How is MetaCTF different?
Our approach emphasizes the development of cyber generalists — individuals equipped with a diverse skill set spanning technical, strategic, and practical aspects of cybersecurity. Full-service, live customer support including introduction and debrief sessions led by MetaCTF experts. Live office hours with support team also available during training engagements. Our training content is meticulously crafted by team of experts. Topical training content developed and delivered consistently and each training engagement with MetaCTF features newly developed content.
What is a Capture-the-Flag (CTF) Event?
A CTF is an event where participants work in teams to solve a variety of cybersecurity challenges to find a hidden piece of data called a “flag”. For example, the participants may be asked to decrypt a message, reverse engineer a binary, or trace some network traffic. Each challenge is based on a real-world cybersecurity concept and is designed to teach the concept as the participant solves it.
What categories of topics can be included in a MetaCTF competition?
  • Binary Exploitation
  • Cryptography
  • Cyber Deception
  • Web Exploitation
  • Forensics
  • Reconnaissance
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Other
Can I participate as an individual?
Although MetaCTF’s platform excels in team-based competitions, individual participation is often possible, depending on the CTF event. Please see our “For Individuals” page for subscriptions that cater to individual learners. 

host a CTF for your organization.