We make it easier to hire, retain, and upskill your workforce.

Be a part of the solution: Studies show that organizations that offer more learning and development resources retain their employees at a higher rate.

Talent Assessment

MetaCTF’s Talent Assessment solution helps hiring managers and recruiters assess the skill level of prospective candidates and engage with them in a differentiated and gamified way.
Cybersecurity Talent Assessment

Security Awareness

MetaCTF’s competitions are an unconventional way to engage with the entire workforce in a collaborative and educational environment.

Energize Employee Attitudes towards Cybersecurity:

Security Champions

MetaCTF’s Security Champions solution comes with a bundle of competitions and on-demand learning opportunities that meet the needs of Security Champions programs at any stage.

Build your Company Culture/Collaboration around a Security Mindset:

Security Champions

Continuous Upskilling

MetaCTF’s Cyber Range allows users to practice from a library of 300+ labs. The Cyber Range accommodates the spectrum of entry-level to experienced security professionals.

Empower Employees to build a Security Skill Set:


Find out answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our competition-based training.

Why MetaCTF?

We create (virtual or on-site) custom CTF events based on your organization’s needs and experience levels. Our events provide an interactive way to promote teamwork, problem solving, and cybersecurity skills. Our problems are developed in-house and are catered to follow cybersecurity industry standards.

What features does your CTF platform include?

Each CTF is customized to the team’s needs and can include the following:

  • CTF problems presented in the MetaCTF platform
  • Customizable range of categories covered (including web exploitation, forensics, networking, cryptography, reverse engineering, and more!)
  • Customizable range of difficulty levels (participant experience can range from beginner/high school to industry professional)
  • Virtual or on-site CTF support
  • MetaCTF team members will be available to answer questions and give hints
  • Virtual support can be run through Slack, Discord, or email
  • Option for web-based Kali VMs
  • Team and individual statistics

host a CTF for your organization.