Corporate & Conference CTF (Capture-the-Flag) Events

What is a Capture-the-Flag (CTF) Event?

A CTF is an event where participants work in teams to solve a variety of cybersecurity challenges to find a hidden piece of data called a "flag". For example, the participants may be asked to decrypt a message, reverse engineer a binary, or trace some network traffic. Each challenge is based on a real-world cybersecurity concept and is designed to teach the concept as the participant solves it.

Why MetaCTF?

We create (virtual or on-site) custom CTF events based on your organization's needs and experience levels. Our events provide an interactive way to promote teamwork, problem solving, and cybersecurity skills. Our problems are developed in-house and are catered to follow cybersecurity industry standards.

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Example challenges in the MetaCTF platform

Example CTF Offerings

8-hour company-wide CTF

  • Virtual MetaCTF support (through slack, discord, or email) to answer questions and give hints
  • ~40 challenges ranging from easy to difficult
  • Ability to add your own custom CTF problems about your own company-specific policies

Two-day conference CTF

  • On-site MetaCTF support
  • ~80 challenges ranging from easy to difficult
  • Introduction to CTF presentation
  • Closing CTF summary & statistics presentation
  • Ability to integrate with other conference workshops

Two week CTF, with challenges released periodically

  • Virtual MetaCTF support available every day from 9am-9pm EST
  • About 100 total challenges ranging from easy to difficult, released periodically throughout the time period

Each CTF includes the following:

  • CTF problems presented in the MetaCTF platform
    • Customizable range of categories covered (including web exploitation, forensics, networking, cryptography, reverse engineering, and more!)
    • Customizable range of difficulty levels (participant experience can range from beginner/high school to industry professional)
  • Virtual or on-site CTF support
    • MetaCTF team members will be available to answer questions and give hints
    • Virtual support can be run through Slack, Discord, or email
  • Option for web-based Kali VMs
  • Team and individual statistics