What Do I Need to Do to Set Up a CTF at My Company?

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You know that your team needs more cybersecurity training. And you have probably heard that gamified trainings like Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions keep your team engaged and maximize their learning. But how do you set one up?

Whether you are managing your team’s security training and compliance, or you are just a manager looking for a way to boost your team’s continuing education, the task of designing, building, and running a CTF (all while still doing your regular job) can feel daunting. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

What does it take to set up a CTF with MetaCTF?

MetaCTF can help you set up your first CTF in 1-2 meetings. Here is all we need to do:

1.  Design your training – Choose the duration, difficulty, team size, and level of support that fits your goals. (Not sure what you need? We are ready with recommendations!)

2.  Schedule your first training – We facilitate both daylong events and short training blocks spaced throughout your team’s work schedule.

3.  Choose a registration option – If you know your training group, just provide us with their emails. For open registration trainings, we can provide a sign up page.

Once you choose MetaCTF, we can typically have your cybersecurity trainings available within two weeks.

Should I just build a CTF myself?

Some companies choose to build CTFs themselves. We think that any effort by companies to boost their cybersecurity knowledge is awesome! But here are a few reasons MetaCTF might be easier than a DIY solution when it comes to managing your cybersecurity training.

1.  MetaCTF frees up your team’s resources

CTFs are time intensive to build. You have to figure out the infrastructure (what platform will you host the CTF on?) and the content development (who on your team has the expertise to build content?). Many of our customers have tried to build and host CTFs on their own before coming to MetaCTF. This usually takes about three months for 2-3 security engineers to build. When you factor in your team’s salaries and the opportunity cost of other projects, building your own CTF may not actually save you money.

2. MetaCTF can flex to meet your team’s administrative needs

MetaCTF makes it easy to set up the CTF (just send us a list of emails and we sign your team up), or open trainings (your team can go to our website and sign up with a code). You don’t have to re-invent or manage a sign up process yourself.

3.  MetaCTF can be deployed fast

The sooner you can set up your CTF, the sooner your team has the skills to avoid risk and the more time you have to pursue the rest of your to-do list. Plus, our training platform is web-based, so it won’t interrupt or slow down your regular operations.

Thinking about running a CTF? Questions? Schedule a demo here or contact us!

Thomas Rogers
Head of Business Development
(434) 547-0151

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