5 Reasons a Cybersecurity CTF Can Help Everyone on Your Team

Capture-the-Flag (CTF) is a cybersecurity training activity in which individuals or teams solve a variety of cybersecurity challenges to find a hidden piece of data called a “flag.” For example, the participants may be asked to decrypt a message, reverse engineer a binary, or trace some network traffic. Each challenge is based on a real-world cybersecurity scenario and is designed to teach the concept as the participant solves the challenge.

MetaCTF makes running a CTF easy by providing trainings customized to your team’s needs and skill level. You can schedule a demo here.

1.  CTFs can satisfy security training requirements

Managers today need to understand and fulfill security training requirements in order to remain competitive. Some companies are subject to regulatory requirements and some are striving to set a new security standard for their industry.

Whatever your goals are, CTF-style security training is an easy way to satisfy these requirements because they cover pertinent scenarios inspired by real-world cyber-threats. Plus, employees stay engaged by the gamification of the training.

MetaCTF makes things even easier by managing the entire process on your behalf and ensuring the content is relevant to your unique challenges. Security training is not uniform, so MetaCTF can help you define and achieve the right security standard for your company.

2.  CTF trainings double as a team building exercise

Employees report high engagement in CTF-style training because the games hold the right mix of fun and education. Thousands of engineers every year voluntarily spend their free time on CTF communities like Hack the Box and TryHackMe.

MetaCTF specializes in trainings for enterprise customers, and our collection of 500+ challenges gives teams the opportunity to both collaborate and compete.

Security breaches and cyber-attacks are stressful events. Your team will be better suited to respond if they have trust in one another and experience communicating through a challenge. MetaCTF can help you build that trust and experience.

3.  CTF trainings bolster team confidence

Running CTF trainings shows your team that you take cybersecurity seriously and increases your team’s likelihood of responding with confidence and proficiency when a real cyber-threat occurs.

Customers also tell us that CTF trainings can bolster the confidence that engineers, developers, and security teams have in their managers. CTF trainings demonstrate to your team that you are willing to invest to give them the skills necessary to navigate the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

4. CTF trainings are easy to set up and join

CTF trainings take place in a virtual environment, which ensures mistakes will not affect real customers. But the virtual environment also makes it easy to set up and participate.

MetaCTF makes participation even easier and less invasive by making all trainings available through a web browser. Your team does not have to download any software.

MetaCTF is also easy for managers to set up. Aside from scheduling and defining your goals for the event, the only information you need to help us run a CTF event is the email addresses of your participants.

5.  CTF trainings are customizable

No matter what your cybersecurity training requirements are, MetaCTF can meet your needs. If one of our 500+ events doesn’t meet your exact specifications, we can work with you to create a customized event.

We are constantly adding to and refreshing our library of trainings to ensure that they cover the latest and most relevant cybersecurity concepts.

MetaCTF is set up to match your team’s work environment and schedule. We can deliver trainings to employees that are in-person or remote. Trainings can take place as day-long events or in periods spaced out over time. Using MetaCTF, you can deliver trainings to your employees at any time and any way you want.

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