3 Reasons Your Team Needs Cybersecurity Training

3 Reasons Your Team Needs Cybersecurity Training

How do you know whether your team has the cybersecurity skills you want and your customers deserve? If you are considering options for boosting your organization’s cybersecurity capabilities, here are three reasons why additional training is worth the investment.

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1. Even your brightest engineers may lack proper cybersecurity training

While MetaCTF’s founder Roman Bohuk was studying computer science at The University of Virginia, he felt that the programming and development curriculum did not adequately emphasize cybersecurity. He came to this conclusion based on his experience running Capture The Flag (CTF) cybersecurity training competitions since high school, and the insight led to his founding of MetaCTF.

Computer science skills are in demand; the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the number of software development jobs to rise by 22% by 2030. But if the students filling these roles don’t have a cybersecurity foundation, then it will be up to their employers to train them in security best practices. Engineers are often taught to build without an emphasis on building securely.

2. You can make your business secure by design with ongoing cybersecurity education

Imagine you are building a skyscraper. Your team does not wait until the building is complete to test the foundation; they are anticipating and testing safety concerns throughout the entire design and construction process. And you would not wait until the building is complete to buy insurance; you need insurance from the minute you buy the lot, before you even break ground.

Similarly, your team needs to write secure code from the start to ensure your product and business are secure by design. It is good if your security team runs intrusion detection on the software you have already launched; it is even better if your whole engineering team thinks about how to anticipate and prevent hacking techniques like SQL injection attacks during the first draft of code.

3. Cybersecurity experts must be students for life

Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving field. You update your codebase continuously, your business processes are constantly adapting to leverage new technology, and malicious actors are always on the lookout for ways to exploit these changes.

In order for your team to reliably make smart cybersecurity decisions, they need ongoing practice and an opportunity to learn about the latest techniques.

MetaCTF makes it easy to run cybersecurity trainings for your team, and our library of trainings is constantly expanding and updating to incorporate the latest developments in the field.

Thinking about running a CTF cybersecurity training? Questions? Schedule a demo here or contact us!

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