2022 Wild West Hackin’ Fest Way West features CTF run by MetaCTF for 5th year in a row

Roman CTF Event

MetaCTF is proud to announce that we will be running the Capture The Flag (CTF) security training at this year’s Wild West Hackin’ Fest Way West in San Diego from May 4-6, 2022.

Virtual and in-person registration is available on the WWHF website! This amazing conference is hosted by Black Hills Infosec, and MetaCTF has run the CTF at WWHF every year since 2018.

Why should I attend a cybersecurity conference?

Cybersecurity conferences are a great way to meet people and do some knowledge sharing. People usually find other companies that are striving to solve the same cybersecurity problems that they are. You can learn best practices at educational events, then gain hands-on experience through our CTF and other workshops.

Why should I participate in a CTF?

In order to become proficient in any skill (cybersecurity included), you need hands-on-training, not just classes, presentations, and videos. Conferences like the Wild West Hackin’ Fest often run CTF competitions because they are an engaging and effective way to boost educational value for attendees. (Also, CTFs are fun and a time-honored tradition in hacker culture!)

MetaCTF’s mission is to close the cybersecurity skills gap by making fun, high-quality CTF cybersecurity trainings. CTF trainings are proven to be highly effective and engaging at boosting the skills of both new and existing workers.

Check out our blog to learn more about why CTF trainings a great learning tool for everyone!

Will I learn (and have fun) even if I have never done a CTF before?

MetaCTF trainings are designed to be accessible for all skill levels, and we love helping new people enjoy their first CTF! Our live support will be there at the Wild West Hackin’ Fest to help you leave with new knowledge you can apply to your work, regardless of your skill level.

What if I want some CTF practice?

We still have trainings from the CyberGames 2021 CTF we hosted available for free here: https://metactf.com/cybergames

Okay you convinced me, how do I register?

Head to wildwesthackinfest.com/way-west to register for in-person and virtual events from May 4-6, 2022.

Thinking about running a CTF cybersecurity training? Questions? Schedule a demo here or contact us!

Thomas Rogers
Head of Business Development
(434) 547-0151

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