1. No [Direct] Outside Help. Using any resource that can be found on the web is fair play, but you may not ask anyone outside of your team for assistance. This includes, but is not limited to the sharing of flags, hints, methodology, or other problem aids.
  2. Only attack platforms that are designated as targets. Any attack, including DoS, on scoring or other infrastructure will not be tolerated. All attackable services will be clearly marked. We are not responsible for unauthorized attacks, and breaking this rule is grounds for disqualification.
  3. Disqualification and enforcement or interpretation of rules will be at the complete discretion of the MetaCTF organizers. If you have to ask, it is probably not allowed. Email should you have any questions regarding the rules. You can ask our team in person during the contest.
  4. During the competition, do not attack other competitors. That is probably considered bad form. Also, you never know if they might decide to attack you back. In addition, please do not harass other players through chat or social media.
  5. Have fun and learn something! Really.

TLDR Rules

  1. No Outside Help.
  2. No attacking things you shouldn't.
  3. MetaCTF organizers have final say.
  4. Don't be mean to others.
  5. Have fun.